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Exam Simulation Pro

This tool was designed to assist candidates with exam preparation with the main focus on practical rating tasks that include Page Quality, and Search Results Satisfaction ratings. The tool has 5 Page Quality tasks, and 5 Search Results Satisfaction (Needs Met) tasks of all the major query types. (If you’re not sure what a query type is, that is the keyword that a user searches Google for).

Access fee

If you want to get started right now, all you have to do is signup using your email. We put a lot of work into this, and there is a fee for the tool which is 25$ which is paid only once.

Join Payoneer and return the fee!

If you are Appen or Leapforce candidate you’re going to get that fee!. And we’ll tell you how. If you get a job at one of these places, you’re going to need Payoneer account because that is the only payment option available for these companies. Simply sign up for Payoneer under my referral link and you’ll get the simulation tool subscription fee back as Payoneer subscription 25$ bonus once your account is loaded with 1000$! Normally it takes 1-2 months to make 1000$ for EU/USA/Canada raters and 3-4 months for raters from another countries.

How to add Payoneer  as a payment method for US raters at Raterlabs and Lionbridge (Direct Deposit) read here

Sign up process & payment process

Go to sign up -> enter your email where login and password to be sent -> select pay with PayPal for access to Exam Simulation Pro -> automatic redirection to PayPal secure check out page -> complete the payment.

When going through sign up process and entering email make sure that: email address has to be the same as PayPal email, otherwise login details will not be sent automatically!

Recieving login and password to access Exam Simulation Pro

Login and password will be sent automatically to a regestred email after completing the payment.

After completing the payment, check your spam box for email with login details.

Login Exam Simulation Pro and begin your training!

Once you have access to the tool, simply proceed to Exam Simulation Pro and begin the simulation that we have painstakingly designed, and you will receive your overall pass/fail score and receive a detailed feedback report on where you made mistakes+explanations.

How to save & download feedback report?

After compelting the task, press GET YOUR RESULTS AND FEEDBACK. It is recommended to open each task in a new tab so you can do and review task by task and save your results. 

Enter your email into the  filed next to SEND TEST RESULT button, then press the button, the results and feedback will be sent to your email. Do not forget to check your spam box.

Contact information

As always, if you have any questions or issue with the tool, feel free to contact me here.